About me

Hello! My name is Ewelina and I’m the author of the blog „Polako”. I fell in love with Croatia and since 2014 I’m writing about it’s natural beauty. The name „Polako” in Croatian means „slowly” and it is a perfect reflection of the way of living in the region of Dalmatia in which I currently live.

The blog is dedicate to all who are looking for practical information about holidays in Croatia. I write about my travels around Croatia, recommend interesting places and monuments, and want to familiarize my readers with the history and culture of Croatia.
Writing a blog brings me much joy and satisfaction. I try to make my content valuable and up to date, so every reader can learn something new about Croatia.


Cooperation proposals:

  • promotion of Croatia’s cities and regions
  • sponsored articles
  • product placement
  • sponsored trips and reports
  • tests and reviews of hotels in Croatia
  • online ads (banners, sponsored links, etc.)


Contact: polako.eu@gmail.com